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Salon News September 2021

At Black house salon we understand the importance of always being up to date on the latest trends, up skilling our team and providing you with the best products soon the market. So this September we have invested ion further training for our team through our affiliate brands NINE YARDS Sweden, Everygreen and KEVIN MURPHY. We are also excited to have secured an education date with the incredible colourist and educator, Kelly Furnival who will be coming to our Huddersfield town centre salon to teach our team all about her Balayage and Blondeing methods. We are also excited to welcome back our trainee Apprentice barber, Ed Newman who is now on the salon floor and producing some amazing mens haircuts. As a town centre salon we are also keen to maintain our reputation for sustainability and endeavour to take responsibility for our carbon footprint. This is why we only use products that come to us in sustainable packaging, are never tested on animals and are produced with the highest standards of human and animal welfare in mind. Our brand partner Kevin Murphy now uses ocean waste plastics for all of their plastic packaging, Everygreen is a 100% vegan and cruelty free brand and NINE YARDS will only test on humans. Heres what the founder of NINE YARDS Sweden, Kristoffer Skott has to say about the brand and his vision for haircare.

"A premium Swedish haircare brand. Our desire is to give the hair of the haircare industry a little shaking. At heart of Nine Yards lies an idea - that if we worry less about fitting in, perhaps we can do more that stands out. It’s a look and an outlook. So we’ve created a product that challenges the expected, to help inspire the free thinkers, the straight, the wavy, the curly, the squares in the round holes - to do their thing.

It’s taken 5 years and an uncountable number of (human) tests and samples to create a range of products that have reached an ideal balance between functionality and natural ingredients. The products have been created for professional use with meticulous consideration to ingredients for optimised function. From the bottle to the function, no shortcuts have been taken to challenge to expected."


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